Communication Master Course

Being able to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. Communication master will give you the skills to thrive in your career and establish happier relationships.

The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital life skill and something that should not be overlooked. It’s never too late to work on your communication skills and by doing so, you may well find that you improve your quality of life.

Failure to talk has been blamed for the breakdown of any number of partnerships and relationships-but the ability to listen is also an important element. Communication is also vital in wider family relationships, whether you want to discuss arrangements for holidays, or ensure that your teenage children are well and happy.

You will be provided with practical tools each week.

You will also be able to join a group coaching call once a week. Where you get to practice your communication skills and get individualized advice on how these tools can apply to your situation.

This is a limited time offer and I am offering limited access to only 8 participants. Please join the waitlist to ensure that you get your spot secured.

This is a 5-week course. The group will meet Via Zoom once a week (optional). The group will start on January 7th and end in February 11th.

10400 Eaton Place
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 896-5005

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